Pre-Listing Inspections for Condos, Homes, & Townhouses

Pre-Listing inspections take place when the current owner of a home has their house, townhouse, or condo inspected before listing it for sale. There are several arguments over the advantages and disadvantages of pre-listing inspections which I will discuss in detail.

Pre-listing usually occurs in a thriving real estate market where multiple offers are expected. In a seller's market, there is the chance of “bidding wars” which leads to a quick completion of sale usually before the ‘for sale' sign is even put up. The current Vancouver housing market is a perfect example of this scenario. Multiple offers, bidding wars, and last-minute sales before the house even hits the open market are becoming routine. One of the last subjects to sell is the home inspection, which is not a requirement such as financing,  but is necessary to protect all parties and provide peace of mind.

However, the stress and time constraints of all parties involved, especially the seller who is endeavoring to acquire top dollar, can really impact the fluidity of the sale and its development. Trying to attack the advantages and disadvantages of a pre-listing inspection can be challenging, especially from a liability standpoint, but here is what you need to know and how a pre-listing inspection may be exactly what you need to make the selling process that much smoother. I guarantee you our home inspection report will look great at your open house!

Exclusive I Find It Pre-Listing Inspection Report

Advantages of a Pre-Listing Inspection:

  • Subjects do not need conditions to inspection, inspection reports will be readily available to the buyer.
  • Prevent the buyer from trying to drive down the selling price with unreasonable repairs.
  • Licensed, insured, CAHPI certified, and reputable inspection company that stands behind its work.
  • Digital email and hard copy report with color photos detailing all information and deficiencies of the home.
  • Three ring presentation binder with hard copy color report, Home Maintenance Manual, receipt pouch and inspection contract. See sample report.
  • Photos of infrared scan and moisture meter scan.
  • Labels on all water, gas and electrical shut offs.
  • Free technical support from an I Find It Home inspector.
  • Appliances recall warranties with RecallChek emailed to them monthly.

Disadvantages of a Pre-Listing Inspection:

  • Potential buyers or buyers' agents may not trust the inspection report. Reply: We are a fully licensed and reputable business. We have nothing to gain by cutting corners or “passing” a home inspection. Our report is for the house first and foremost.
  • The buyer may question if the repairs were done properly. Reply: Our receipt pouch in the back of the Home Owner Manual will have the receipt (where applicable) and validation proving the home repairs were done professionally or with the right materials.
  • How do we know if anything was covered up and not repaired properly? Reply: Our detailed, color reports explain where and what needs to be done. One can just simply reference the inspection report to verify if the work was completed properly.
  • What if the buyer finds something major after they move in? Reply: Latent defects are any professional services company’s worse nightmare. No one can predict if something will go wrong at any time, and a home inspector is no exception. The bottom line is – if we could not detect a defect, neither would the buyer's inspector.


A pre-listing inspection is not needed for every sales transaction. But what it does provide is a smooth approach to selling in a competitive market. There is no need to pack up the family for half a day while inspectors come through or have the stress and worry about what may be wrong with your home.

Selling your house with confidence knowing what you have to offer will give you an advantage in today's market. Contact us to book a pre-listing inspection.