Hakha Farehy

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Hakha Farehy is an English & Farsi-speaking, licensed, home inspector (BC #75060), a graduate of the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training Program at Douglas College. He is professionally trained and certified to inspect structure, electrical, heating/cooling, plumbing, interior/insulation/ventilation, exterior/roofing, and technical operations. 

Hakha was raised in London, England until he was 19 years old. After visiting British Columbia in his youth, he felt he would like to become a Canadian citizen and be a part of this great country. Hakha currently resides in North Surrey, and is happily married with two beautiful children.

Hakha developed his skill-set as a home inspector while doing renovations on his own homes. After discovering he had a knack for quality construction, he and an associate decided to start their own general contracting business. Hakha developed his construction skills doing framing, roofs, windows, exterior siding, bathroom and kitchen renovations, as well as furnace and boiler maintenance.

What sets Hakha apart is his curiosity about how things work and the components that make them run the way they do. He diligently researches the latest equipment, materials, and installation practices which gives him the knowledge needed to do a thorough and professional home inspection.

Whether it’s squeezing his way through an attic space, going to every corner of the crawlspace, investigating a furnace or boiler or getting up on a roof; his goal is to uncover hidden problems and give buyers the confidence needed to make a good buying decision. Whether you are an agent or buyer, Hakha will give you peace of mind in your home buying process.

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