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As a professional home inspector one of the primary reasons of my job is to find defects in a home and property. While some of these defects may seem obvious and easily identifiable, only a trained eye can really find the ones that sometime matter the most. Having a background in construction and building science can really benefit an inspector in recognizing defects. Whether theses defects are safety concerns, amateurish workmanship, or improper construction practise it is a home inspectors duty to observe and report on these deficiencies. Often times I may give my buyers small maintenance tips that if repaired soon will prevent a much larger defect in the future.

Many defects in a home are a result of the previous owners neglecting to maintain that area resulting in damages. Moldy windows, mildew in the attic and on interior finishes is quite often the result of not running bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans while cooking or showering. If one never replaces the caulking around the bathtub or seals the grout on the shower tiles it my result in hidden water damage leading to a much more costly repair.  A licensed home inspector should be able to identify defects like these and inform the buyer of ways to mitigate future problems. At I Find It Inspections we pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients and give them all the information they need to make a good decision.

Here are some examples of home inspections where a defect has been found: