Buyers & Realtors effective immediately: 


If you have been out of the country in the past 2 weeks or have come in contact with someone who has, or you are sick: do NOT come to the inspection!

  1. Buyers do not need to come to the inspection for the report presentation at the end, which is something we typically do.  WE CAN FACETIME OR DO THE WALK-THRU OVER THE PHONE WHILE YOU REVIEW THE REPORT ON YOUR COMPUTER OR MOBILE DEVICE. 
  2. Realtors, please unlock the door and REMIND YOUR SELLERS to move any belongings away from the electrical panel, attic access, furnace/water heater, and crawlspace hatch.
  3. If you MUST come then not more than two individuals may accompany us at the end of the inspection for the report and walk-through presentation. This would typically be one buyer and one realtor.
  4. Arrive at the time stated in the confirmation emails you have been receiving. 
  5. Please maintain a minimum of 6 feet from the inspector.
  6. Please make sure your inspection agreement is signed so you do not have to touch our equipment to sign at the inspection. Check your email or junk mail for email, "Client Verification of Inspection Time With Agreement & Payment"
  7. WEAR GLOVES & A MASK if you have them if you are planing to come to the inspection. 

Thank you for your understanding. This is for your safety and ours. We look forward to serving you with exceptional customer service during this difficult time.