When It Rains In BC, It Pours - How Home Inspections Can Prevent Future Moisture

December 4th, 2015

One of the most stressful things about buying or selling your home is the home inspection. The last thing you want is for that person to tell you there is some kind of major problem with the home of your dreams.

Water damage is one of the most common sources of significant damage to any home. Repairing water damage, once it reaches a certain state, can be costly. You may have heard the stories of homes and condos from decades past and how inferior construction caused damage to homes in British Columbia resulting in mold, rot, and leaks.

If you think that water damage is strictly an outdoor-related problem, know that moisture and water damage also happens inside. Indoor plumbing leaks, structural damage caused by mould, and other water-related moisture problems often lead to very costly repairs. These are all items that are on every home inspection checklist, and these are issues you will want to resolve without further delay.

There are a number of areas that home inspectors will look at when doing an examination of your home. Things they will concentrate on are:

  • Bathrooms. This is a very obvious place to start for water related problems. Unfortunately, many of these problems are not readily visible. There can be leaks behind tile walls or toilets unseen for years. Home inspectors will use a moisture meter to ascertain moisture levels behind the walls.
  • Sinks. This is another area that can often leak without the homeowner being aware of it until there is substantial damage.
  • Toilets. A moisture meter will detect any problems with loose or leaking toilets.
  • Kitchens. Besides the sink, there are drainage pipes, sink traps, and dishwashers where water or moisture can become a problem fast. An inspector will also look at water shut-off valves and disposal units.

By properly inspecting all areas in your home where water can cause damage, the best thing you can do for your peace of mind and for your home is a thorough home inspection.