What to Expect from a Professional Mold Inspection

June 5th, 2015
What to Expect from a Professional Mold Inspection

defect_mold_01.jpgHave you spotted or suspected mold growing in areas of your house or office? Visible mold is a common indicator of a much larger problem, so as soon as you suspect mold, or see evidence of it, you should book a professional mold inspection. 

A professional mold inspection uncovers every bit of mold in your building, even in the areas that are hidden away. A mold inspector will comb through all areas of your home or office to find places where mold is lurking. The goal is to identify how much mold is present, and what type of growth it is, to inform decisions about mold removal and remediation. 

What happens when you schedule a professional mold inspection? 

Our qualified, experienced mold inspector will visit the building question, testing for high moisture levels within the area. Where there is moisture, there is often mold, setting out a map for where to start looking. 

Your inspector will swab for mold, and perform an air quality test to determine what, if anything is present in the air of your home. Test results show what type of mold you are dealing with, which can narrow down what type of removal is needed, what health issues you may be facing, and what safety precautions should be followed during remediation and removal. 

Our expert inspectors use high-quality tools and equipment to test for mold and moisture, enabling us to create a detailed report about your specific mold situation. We can narrow down the sources of mold through this process, ensuring that no area of your home or office is left with mold remaining once we have handled clean up. When you are getting rid of mold, it is important to make sure it will never come back!