Ten Defects a Home Inspection Can Uncover

August 22nd, 2015

The home inspection date has arrived. This is a stressful time whether you are the buyer or the seller. You never know what will be uncovered. But the home inspector has his/her job to do; they should be experts in every electrical, plumbing, and building local code there is. They'll come out one day, set up, look around and before you know it, they will be packing up to leave.

As a home buyer, the inspection may be the best money you have ever spent, as there is a chance that issues have not been disclosed by the seller.

Here are the top ten defects that a house inspection may identify:

  1. Faulty Roofing.
    It may be the entire roof needs to be replaced, or not.

  2. Water Damage on the Ceiling.
    There's a leak somewhere, and it could be the roof or a pipe. Leaks can also lead to mould, which can be a structural issue with health implications.

  3. Wood Rot.
    The inspection will uncover any place where rainwater or moisture is seeping in and causing damage.

  4. Fireplaces.
    Fireplaces are always areas of concern because they can be unstable. Sometimes, all they may need is a good inside cleaning.

  5. Plumbing.
    From loose toilets, dripping faucets, or slow leaks; your home inspector will find it all.

  6. Water Heaters.
    Unsafe flue conditions and improper gas lines may be uncovered. Or the heater may be too old.

  7. Radon.
    Radon is a gas found in the ground around your home. It's a very common problem and if found, to repair it will have to be paid for by the seller.

  8. Faulty Wiring.
    There can be all kinds of fire hazards here; only a qualified expert will know what he's looking at.

  9. Heating Systems.
    How old is your furnace? Anything not in good working order, and it will have to go.

  10. Drainage.
    Poor drainage can compromise your home's foundation. It may be something the current homeowner isn't really aware is happening.