No Subjects, No Home Inspection, No Idea...

November 24th, 2015
No Subjects, No Home Inspection, No Idea...

I can vividly recall mid-term exams my freshman year in college. I always thought I had weeks to prepare. Next thing I know it is 10 pm and the exam is tomorrow morning at 9 am!  It was never for a lack of trying, but my priorities were not exactly in the right place. Then I found out I can take a "sick day". This was given every semester for each student to use at their discretion. A "days grace" one could say, to study hard and avoid a poor grade. 

With todays competitive housing market people are choosing to remove subjects with no home inspection giving them an edge. Having a "post-purchase" home inspection may be the difference between knowing when something in the home will fail and cause damage, or potentially be a safety concern.  It will also provide peace of mind knowing they made the right decision or if they need to make major repairs before something gets worse or more expensive to fix. 

Suggesting the Post Purchase Home Inspection (days grace) may be exactly what your clients could use in this completive and stressful market! 

by Paul Friesen, BSc, RHI