Do not risk having your toilet leak

October 20th, 2018
Do not risk having your toilet leak

Leaking toilets are the number one cause of high water bills in homes, and can cause the most damage to your home. Leaks can come from different parts on the toilet. Although there are different types and shapes of toilets, the potential for a problem is always there. You can minimize the risk of having your home flood by having your toilet and all plumbing inspected. 

Some things that can happen are:

- The water line hose could break or deteriorate causing the water to flood your house.

- The tank may have a crack, this will cause water to run down the back of the tank and down the walls. Having water run down the walls can lead to rotting problems. 

- The gasket inside of the tank can cause the water to continously run and cause a high water bill.

- The bottom gasket can deteriorate over time causing the floors to rot.

These are just a few things that you may encounter. Having your home inspected will give you some peace of mind. 

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