Advantages of a Pre-listing Inspection

July 22nd, 2015

home sold.jpgMost people expect a home inspection after they put in an offer on a house, or at least when they are considering doing so. However, pre-listing inspections are becoming more popular with sellers and realtors. 

How can a pre-listing inspection benefit you, as a seller or realtor? Simply put, it gives you more information, allowing you to give a better idea of what to expect each time you have a prospective buyer. A pre-listing inspection takes care of any surprises before they can jeopardize a sale. As a realtor, if you request a pre-listing inspection, you then have a list of potential issues that the homeowner can fix before listing — or, if that’s not possible, you can at least know exactly what the house’s problems are. 

On a similar note, a pre-listing inspection allows realtors to come up with the most accurate value for the home. A home that looks like it would be expensive may be hiding lots of nasty secrets, which, uncovered by a pre-listing inspection, could affect the price. As a realtor you should value your reputation, and the best way to be honest about value is to know exactly what is going on with each house you list. 

Having a pre-listing inspection may make it easier to close a sale. A potential buyer could be swayed by the fact that the home inspection has already been done, without needing to worry about financing their own inspection before they put in an offer. This makes things move more quickly for the buyer, and for the seller, leaving everyone happy! 

A pre-listing inspection takes care of lots of little details and helps put you in the best situation to make a sale. It’s worth the investment!